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What to Look For in an Office Chair

Office Chair

Choosing the right office chair is paramount to your productivity and comfort.

The average office worker spends 40 hours a week at work. However, when put in numbers, the sheer amount of time they spend in their chair at their desk might be surprising. With 40 hours a week at work, a person averages about 1900 hours in their chair over the course of a year. This is what makes finding the perfect office chair so important. Read on to discover everything that you need to know so you can pick an office chair that will give you the support you need to be healthy and productive in the long term.

Look For Lumbar Support

A solid and high-quality office chair will have the necessary support for the lower back. Better chairs may even have an adjustable lumbar support that will allow you to fit the chair perfectly to your lower back. Lumbar support is critical when it comes to preventing lower back pain and sciatica, a condition which can be potentially debilitating.

Seek Out An Adjustable Chair

No two people are exactly the same and neither are their backs. This is what makes an adjustable office chair that you can fit your personal needs and body shape so important. Almost every office chair has height and arm adjustments, but these are not the critical adjustments to look for. Office chairs should have between 5 and 14 different adjustments. The more adjustments, the better the chair is.  

All About That Base

The vast majority of office chairs have a wheelbase, however, not all wheelbases are the same. Some are made for carpet and others are not. Whichever you choose should suit the type of floor in your office. Also, any office chair you choose should have a functional swivel base that provides optimal freedom of movement. This will ensure that you can get your job done without suffering any arm fatigue.

Find the Right Office Chair for You at Mark Downs

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