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5 Tips For Choosing An Office Chair

Take your time when choosing an office chair.

The right office chair impacts employees’ health and productivity. This makes the right furniture and the right office design an investment for your office. There are many factors that determine the right office chair, so it can be difficult to narrow down what makes office furniture right for you. Here are just a few tips that can help you choose the right office chair for your office setting.

Go With Breathable Upholstery

It seems obvious, but you’ll want to make sure that whatever office chair you choose is comfortable to the touch. Soft-textured, breathable upholstery will allow you to sit in your chair comfortably throughout the day. This will help you to work more efficiently, since you won’t be bothered by abrasive materials or uncomfortable upholstery that can cause you to overheat.

Make Sure Your Chair is Easily Adjustable

It can be easy to overlook the ease with which you can adjust your office furniture until it’s too late. But making sure your chair can be adjusted, without the use of tools, can greatly help to reduce back pain in an office environment. After all, no chair will be one-size-fits-all, so when choosing an office chair, you should make sure that it can be adjusted to avoid back pain and other issues that are commonly caused by uncomfortable office furniture.

A Good Office Chair Should Support Your  Back

Office employees tend to spend most of their day sitting, which can cause a variety of health problems related to blood flow and back support. When choosing an office chair, you should choose one with a full back to ensure it supports the lower and upper back, as well as your head and neck. A good ergonomic office chair will support your back even as you move around your desk.

Encourage Movement

If you sit still for too long, you may experience problems with blood flow–particularly in your legs and feet. You should be moving throughout the day, so it’s important to choose an office chair that will move with you, offering support and allowing you to keep your blood flowing through the whole work day.

Don’t Forget Your Neck, Shoulder, and Joints

Your back and legs are important, but don’t forget the rest of your body. A good office chair will support your whole body. Make sure that your neck and shoulders are supported in order to prevent achiness or strain. Additionally, make sure that your knees, ankles, and feet rest at a comfortable angle.

Seek Optimal Office Comfort with Mark Downs

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