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The Benefits of Office Chair Mats

We not only sell office furniture, but we sell office accessories such as office chair mats. Plus, throughout the next few weeks, we’ll be offering fantastic deals on select items. Here a few reasons why office chair mats benefit both home and work offices. 

Office Chair Mats Keep Your Floors Protected

It’s probably impossible to count how often you scoot your office chair around each day. This motion can damage floors, whether carpeted or not. If you don’t want to scratch or discolor your floor, an office chair mat can keep it in pristine condition. 

More Freedom to Move Around

Moving around in an office chair can be slightly tricky, depending on the texture of your carpet. An office chair enhances your flexibility and mobility. 

Helps With Multitasking 

If you have two screens, it helps to move quickly from one screen to the next. Once again, depending on your floor’s texture, that may not be the easiest to do. It helps when you can shift your body accordingly. 

Safety Enhancement

Here is what happens when a person attempts to move against a thick carpet, but to no avail. It results in the chair getting stuck, falling over, and forcing whoever uses the chair to strain their bodies unnecessarily. These situations aren’t the safest or most ergonomic. Office chair mats eliminate issues such as these.

Size Recommendations

Here, the ideal rule is to purchase an office chair mat that will cover the entire area of where you plan to shift, move, or roll. It helps if you take the time to measure the space underneath your office chair. You also want to be careful that heavy office furniture is not sitting on your office chair mat. For this reason, ensure your office chair mat isn’t too large. Luckily, our options are small and large enough to suit your needs. 

The Bottom Line on Office Chair Mats

They make movement more manageable and safer. Office chair mats also make your office space appear cleaner and more professional. We recommend that you eat lunch away from your desk, but many people sneak a snack or two at the desk. If a crumb or stain of any sort falls to the floor, it takes less work to clean an office chair mat versus a carpet or hardwood floor. Finally, this office accessory is super affordable. You don’t have to break the bank whatsoever to enhance your office. 

Find the Right Office Furniture and Accessories for Your Office Space at Mark Downs

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