Using a Keyboard Tray is Terrific: Here’s Why!

Using a keyboard tray is terrific! Office ergonomics is a hugely important part of workplace wellness. People spend a considerable amount of their lives at work, often spending more hours in a given day at their desk than they do in any other single location, even at home. Ensuring that every desk or office is as comfortable as possible helps promote employee happiness, health, and productivity. Many office accessories are designed to increase comfort at the desk, but the keyboard tray is easily one of the best. Here’s why!

It’s Highly Adjustable

Keyboard trays offer incredible adjustability. They can be lowered and raised, slide in and out, tilted, angled, or pivoted to the exact position you need for maximum comfort. You won’t have to awkwardly reach or stretch for either your keyboard or mouse as you work.

It Increases Efficiency

Reaching awkwardly for your keyboard and mouse will make your work less efficient. It’s not just that you have to reach further to get to your tools. You also spend more time stretching and repositioning since the way you’re sitting and working is not comfortable. There are even keyboard trays that allow you to reposition your mouse exactly where you need it if precise mouse movements are essential to your work.

It Promotes Proper Positioning

The area directly above your lap when you’re sitting, where your elbows are allowed to form about a 90-degree angle and still reach the keyboard or mouse, is called the neutral reach zone. A keyboard tray can be maneuvered directly into that neutral reach zone, promoting proper positioning while sitting at your desk. 

It Works For Sitting And Standing

Keyboard trays also work for standing desks. Since they can be raised and lowered if you have a standing desk, you can still use one and achieve your keyboard’s best position. Suppose your desk allows you to use it for sitting and standing by raising the monitor on a monitor arm. In that case, a keyboard tray is vital because you wouldn’t be able to reach the keyboard and mouse while standing without it.

It Decreases Injury

Keyboards that are at an odd height or angle aren’t just an annoyance. You can cause injuries by routinely using a keyboard or mouse that is positioned uncomfortably. Using a keyboard tray can help stave off carpal tunnel and other pressure or stress injuries in your wrists, arms, shoulder, neck, and back. 

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