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Footrests: One of the Most Overlooked Office Accessories

The Benefits of Footrests Mark Downs Office Furniture

Footrests are undeniably one of the most overlooked office accessories

Footrests are undeniably one of the most overlooked office accessories. People often shop for an ergonomic office chair, an adjustable desk, and many things that contribute to a full-on ergonomic office. However, people leave footrests out of the conversations, and we’re here to shed light on them. Not only does Mark Downs offer office furniture, but we also provide you with the office accessories that you need to enhance your office space. Here are the benefits of footrests.

Footrests Help Shorter Individuals

There are office chairs designed for petite users. However, an alternative is a footrest. It allows for proper weight distribution so that shorter office workers can keep their feet flat on the ground.

A Footrest Benefits Anyone

Improved circulation and blood flow benefit anyone whether you’re small or tall or somewhere in between. When there isn’t as much pressure on your legs, it prevents blood clots associated with deep vein thrombosis. It also relieves stress on the back and decreases swelling and varicose veins. If your office chair doesn’t have a rounded design that accommodates all body types, a footrest helps to alleviate the discomfort associated with sitting down for a long time. 

Footrests and Adjustable Desks Go Hand in Hand

Do you own a stand-up desk? If this is the case, it doesn’t mean that a footrest can’t benefit you. With a footrest, it helps you stand longer and be more comfortable while doing so. Office workers should consider this combination to maximize the health benefits of standing while working.

A Footrest Promotes Active Sitting

If standing while working isn’t your cup of tea, we understand. We do encourage all office workers or those working from home to get up from time to time. It may be hard to believe this, but taking a break from your desk aids in productivity. Oxygen needs to flow to the brain, and this happens when you move! When you go for a walk, you can come back to your desk feeling refreshed. 

For the moments when you can’t take a break from your desk, a footrest will help you to sit actively. Even implementing the slightest rocking movement keeps your legs moving, your blood flowing, and your feet nice and comfortable. 

If you see the fantastic benefits of footrests and would like to buy one for your commercial or home office, reach out to Mark Downs today. If you’re curious about the many other office accessories we have to offer, give us a call. 

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