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A Waterfall Seat Design Defined

waterfall seat design Mark Downs

Waterfall seat design features involve foam that molds to a person with a rounded front on the seat pan

Today we’re going to define the concept of a waterfall seat design. Over the past few decades, office ergonomics has been an important topic because people spend a large portion of their lives in office settings. With that in mind, it makes sense for business owners to choose office furniture that offers the most comfort. Office furniture being comfortable doesn’t mean that it has to be unappealing. We provide ergonomic office furniture that can add style and an air of professionalism to your office space. Let’s take a look at the waterfall seat design. 

A Waterfall Seat Design Defined

Waterfall seat design features involve foam that molds to a person with a rounded front on the seat pan. This type of seating slopes downward to take away tension from the back of the thighs to offer increased support and comfort. This design also relieves pressure behind the knees and enhances blood circulation to the lower limbs. A waterfall seat also has contoured construction that enables equal weight distribution across the seat pan, which aids in lumbar support, comfort, and better posture. 

Why the Name ‘Waterfall’?

The front edges in this seat design form a rounded water-fall-like edge. It curves like a rock smoothed by water and accommodates people of all body types. Thus, the name “waterfall seat” came to be. 

Why You Can’t Go Wrong With Leather Ergonomic Executive Chairs

Leather ergonomic executive chairs are where comfort and style are a match made in heaven. Leather is aesthetically pleasing, coming in various deep tones. Leather executive chairs have an official look to them that expresses that anyone who visits your office can take you seriously. 

Plus, when you go for a waterfall design, you can run your business comfortably. When you sit for a long time, it jeopardizes your circulation. Nothing beats taking a walk here and there, so you feel refreshed, but if you’re going to be glued to your office chair for a while, you should be as comfortable as possible. If leather isn’t your style, we also have plenty of ergonomic mesh chairs. We can meet all of your needs. 

Mark Downs Office Furniture is where style meets comfort and affordability. We have so much office furniture and accessories available for your commercial and home office. Reach out to us today! 

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