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How Do Ergonomic Office Chairs Differ from Other Options?

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Today’s topic of discussion is how ergonomic office chairs differ from other options.

Today’s topic of discussion is how ergonomic office chairs differ from other options. Many office chairs are stylish and should be. However, if you’re all about comfort, ergonomic office chairs are what you need. So, how can you tell when an office chair isn’t ergonomic? Here are some core features of ergonomic office chairs. 

Ergonomic Office Chairs Will Enable You to Adjust the Height 

If you can’t adjust the height of a chair, then it isn’t ergonomic. At Mark Downs Office Furniture, we provide chairs that accommodate different people regardless of how tall or short people are or their weight. For example, we sell Big & Tall Chairs from Office Source

Swivel Bases 

Every office chair should allow you to move around freely. The benefit of swivel bases is that it’s easier to transport them. However, when you can move around in a chair, it supports circulation. That’s the entire point of ergonomic office chairs: they are supposed to support circulation and blood flow. A stand-up desk also falls under the “ergonomic” category because it ensures that a person isn’t sitting too long. 

Back Adjusters 

A chair with an adjustable back matters regarding ergonomics because everyone isn’t the same height. An office chair should never be a one-size-fits-all ordeal because every employee should feel comfortable enough to take on an eight-hour day (or longer). The backrest height adjustment allows you to adjust the height of your chair’s back so you can position the contours of the back cushion for the best support. 

Ergonomic office chairs will also allow you to adjust the angle of the chair’s back for the optimal position. Throughout the day, you should change the angle of your office chair or rock back and forth occasionally to support blood flow and circulation. 

Arm Support 

Arm support matters regarding office chairs because office workers type all day. At the bare minimum, arm height should be a flexible option. The most optimal chairs will allow you to adjust the chair’s arm width as well. Some ergonomic chairs also have a pivot to adjust the arm pads to place them in the most comfortable position for typing. 

There are many other features that ergonomic chairs offer. However, these tend to be the core features. The point is that you should feel the ultimate comfort in one of these chairs. If you’re interested in scoping out what we have to offer, click through our digital catalog or visit our massive showroom! 

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