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Ergonomics, A History


How did ergonomic furniture become so important? We take a look at the history of ergonomics.

It’s likely when shopping for office furniture,  or cushions you’ve heard the word “ergonomic.” Whether it is “ergonomic design” or “advanced ergonomics” you have probably heard this word without even understanding what it means. Coming from a Greek origin, Ergonomics is simply the study of helping someone be efficient by designing and arranging things in their environment. This week we are going to dive into the history of how the study of ergonomics came to be.

From the Beginning

Since humans discovered and started developing tools for a variety of purposes we have had at least a basic knowledge of creating the best or most efficient fit for survival. An early example of this is our ancestors, Australopithecus Prometheus selecting certain bones and pebbles to make tasks easier. As human intelligence grew and tools became essential to the survival of our species efficiency became more and more important.

17th-19th Centuries

The first association between occupation and skeletal injuries or muscles soreness caused by it was first recorded by Bernardino Ramazinni who lived in the late 1600’s. He wrote about work-related complaints involving his medical practice and made notes of other complaints from employees. The word ergonomics first showed up as a part of the conversation in 1857, as a part of a philosophical writing.

20th-21st Centuries

By the early 1900’s the production industry was still booming away in the United States. Clearly, the industry boom was tough on laborers and many were requesting better work environments. Ergonomics grew in a way that is different from how we understand it today. Processes were refined and allowed for more power by standardizing tools and materials. World War II also had a profound effect on making jobs for efficient as many men were off fighting and women were taking over the workforce.

After World War II the study into ergonomics increased in earnest. Beyond studying the simple efficiency of machines the discussion grew to include comfort, mobility and how human behavior can be dictated by environmental factors. This is how ergonomics became a buzz word in comfort for the office and home. What increases your efficiency? A standing desk? A comfy chair? What makes you the most efficient? Ergonomic design is just for you.

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