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What Are the Benefits of Standing Desks?

Standing Desks

Will a standing desk live up to the hype?

Standing desks are growing more and more popular every year, and study after study seems to confirm how great they are for the health and well-being of employees. Are standing desks all hype? What are the actual benefits of standing desks for you and your employees?

Standing Desk 101

Standing desks are designed to let the user stand up while they use it, unlike traditional desks that require the user to be seated. Most new standing desks are adjustable to account for the many heights of the end user. Many standing desks are also designed to transition between sitting and standing to recognize that some users might not want to commit fully to one or the other.

Standing Desks May Have Health Benefits

Aside from users that use standing desks typically having lower weights, standing desks might also have a correlation to lower blood sugar and fewer spikes over the course of the day. A recent small-scale study on standing desks showed that workers who stood for 3 hours after lunch had a 43% lower blood sugar spike than those who sat for 3 hours after lunch.

Standing Desks Reduce Back Pain

Even with ergonomic chairs, many office workers suffer from back pain as a result of spending so much time sitting down. Many studies have been done to examine office workers with back pain and standing desks. Participants in these studies experienced a 30% decrease in back pain after using standing desks for a few weeks. If some of the employees in your office suffer from lower back pain, try incorporating an adjustable standing desk into their set-up to see if things improve. Workers who are not uncomfortable or in pain will naturally be more productive and happier every day at the office, so standing desks can definitely offer a healthy return on investment.

Ergonomic Office Furniture for Your Office

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