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Start Standing While at Work

Discover the benefits of standing desks.

Discover the benefits of standing desks.

Many professionals spend the bulk of their day in a seated position. This can cause a lot of aching in the joints and has been linked to such medical conditions as obesity. However, thanks to technology, professionals are finding more ways to keeping the blood flowing at work. Using a standing desk will help you burn more calories while you work, get out of that stagnant position, and even generate more energy. Read on to discover the benefits of incorporating a standing desk into your office.

How can I stand and work?

The invention of the standing desk created the best of both worlds. It is an adjustable desk that you can elevate to a level that allows you to work while standing. It allows you to elevate your writing space, computer screen, and keyboard to a comfortable height while you stand and do your work. When you’re ready to give your feet a break, you can lower the desk back to its normal position, so you can sit and continue working.    

Reduce Your Back Pain

One of the biggest complaints that professionals have from sitting all day is lower back pain. They get some momentary relief from standing to go refill their coffee mug but have to return right back to their seated position. Using a standing desk helps prolong the amount of time that you can stretch out your body while your work. Studies conducted with standing desks have shown that participants reported a 32 percent improvement in lower back pain. The Center for Disease Control also conducted a study that reported a 54 percent reduction in neck and upper back pain.

Boost Your Mood and Energy Levels

Using a standing desk can help break up some of the monotony of the day. It’s difficult to generate more energy if you’re used to being still. Scheduling some time throughout your day to spend standing will not only give you something to look forward to, but it helps boost your energy and even your mood. Being sedentary has been linked to depression and fatigue. Keeping your blood flowing will make you feel more active and productive.     

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