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Tips for Designing a Productive Office Space

Office Space

Learn how to enhance the productivity of your work place.

How much thought have you put into the connection between your office design and employee productivity? There’s a direct connection between the two and your design choices will either encourage or inhibit productivity. Follow these tips for designing a productive office space.

A Place to Relax

The first tip for creating a productive workplace is giving employees a place to unwind. If employees have to work and relax in the same space, it becomes more difficult to cut the time between the two. If the relaxation area is a designated space, it gives employees more incentive to complete their tasks at their desks so that they can enjoy their break time in the designated relaxation area. Furthermore, when employees take breaks at their desks, it’s much easier to extend that break time into the time they should begin working again.

Quiet Space

If your employees are required to take private phone calls or meet with clients, having a quiet space that they can go to will help with productivity. Offices are busy places where many conversations take place at the same time — some are work related while others might be personal. Some people work in the midst of noise better than others. If there comes a time during the day when concentration is needed, having a designated quiet space to retreat to will help them get through that task so that they can return to their desk.


When technology in the office is standard, up to date, and on trend with what professionals are currently using, it helps them get the job done in a more efficient manner. It becomes difficult to be productive when you’re working on outdated platforms and using software and devices that are no longer current. It’s important that business owners and managers provide the necessary and modern technology that will aid professionals in the completion of their jobs.

Natural Light

Studies have shown that lack of access to natural light helps increase the amount of fatigue that people feel during the day. In addition, continuous artificial light has been known to contribute to eye strain and headaches. Providing more access to natural light will help with productivity by increasing comfort and boosting morale.

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