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4 Essential Office Design Suggestions

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There are common office design mistakes that both new and veteran commercial business owners make, but they can be avoided with these tips.

There are common office design mistakes that both new and veteran commercial business owners make. Today, we’d like to help you avoid those mistakes. Whether an office is commercial or it’s a home office, the design matters very much. Office workers spend so much of their lives at their desks. Therefore, it makes sense to have an office conducive to productivity, ergonomic and isn’t drab or uninspiring. Here are four office design suggestions that are essential for every office. 

Each Office Design Should Factor in Lighting

You always want to consider lighting, whether you’re designing a brand new office or remodeling an older office. When any environment has improper lighting, many things can go wrong. For one, poorly lit areas can hinder productivity. Two, any space with overly-vibrant lighting can cause headaches. Therefore, it matters that you have the proper balance. Task lighting is helpful, and you also want to have plenty of natural light coming into your work environment. 

Be Picky About Your Layout

During the times that we’re living in, you may need to rethink your office design layout. Ensure that your coworkers can work while having the proper distance apart. Also, ensure that your office has the appropriate workplace protection products such as hand sanitizers, portable sinks, and of course, counter shields and desk and panel protection. Remote work has become the norm. However, if your employees are still coming into the office, it helps to do all you can to ensure their safety. 

Pay Attention to Your Reception Area

Any commercial office or medical facility’s reception area leaves a first impression on customers, clients, and new hires. You want that first impression to be remarkable.4 A reception area should always feel warm and comforting. Your reception area should also keep precautionary COVID-19 measures in mind. As with your entire office, you should have shields in the appropriate places and readily-accessible hand sanitizer. Distance disks also remind visitors of your establishment that they shouldn’t be too close. 

Never Neglect Storage

We’re living in a digital age, but file cabinets are still an office staple. You should ask yourself if you have enough storage to organize the documents that matter. If it takes you ten minutes to locate an important document or have papers strewn all over, you should reconsider your storage options. File cabinets and desks have come a long way. There are many efficient ways to keep your files organized. 

Furnish, Design, and Protect Your Office Space with Mark Downs

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