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Office Layouts That Will Foster Different Work Modes

office layouts as it relates to meetings

Office layouts depend on a company’s culture and its employees’ needs.

All office layouts are not the same, nor should they be! Office layouts depend on a company’s culture and its employees’ needs. Strategic office design is conducive to how employees perform in the workplace. It makes sense to invest a great deal in office design because that’s where employees spend most of their time. A well-designed office is conducive to productivity, comfort, and high morale. Here are some office layouts that will foster different work modes. 

Work Modes Defined 

In an office environment, there are many goals and things that happen throughout the day. Sometimes, a task may require an office employee to have intense focus and work independently. There may also be a work effort that needs collaboration. During a lunch break is where the socialization aspect comes into play. Often within an office setting, employees need to learn a new task in which the office should be conducive to learning. We’ll break down how you can achieve all of these office layouts.

Office Layouts Focused on Focus

When an employee has to go into a deep work mode, that can be challenging because open office layouts are now the norm. Cubbies are one way to reduce interruptions. These cubbies can also serve as study rooms. You can invest in wall panels, room dividers, and modular pods. What’s helpful is taking a survey to see if any employees find a quiet room valuable. Being cost-effective is always a goal.

Work Environments Focused on Collaboration

The go-to for office collaboration is a massive conference room. If you want to try something different, end tables for impromptu meetings (or scheduled meetings) could be a nice touch. Also, smaller conference rooms are less intimidating. 

Office Settings That Foster Learning

Formal and informal settings are helpful when employees have to learn new tasks. Depending on how many people need training, it may make sense to have formal training in a conference room. If the training only requires 3-5 people, it may be helpful to work in a smaller room that has folding chairs, modular tables, and technology mounted on the wall so that you save space. 

When The Work Mode is Socialization

Burnout in an office is not uncommon. Socializing and taking a break from the desk helps combat this. Tables with couches and chairs are comfortable and say, “grab a seat and talk to me.” The reception area can also be another focus where you have comfy chairs and couches that enhances the office experience for clients, customers, and employees. 

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