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Why Office Furniture That Promotes Collaboration Is Getting Ahead

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Open offices are becoming increasingly more popular.

As we noted in our blog Office Design Trends to Expect in 2017, flexible office furniture is becoming a popular option for office design. Instead of confining people to their cubicles, it allows for more interaction between employees. Office furniture that promotes collaboration is massively popular now, and gone are the days of cramped cubicles–by why has collaborative furniture in office spaces gotten so big?

Changing Industries

The old way of thought was that people are more productive when they’re alone and have no distractions. But what if we have more collaborative industries than ever? These are the kinds of jobs that require communication between employees rather than solitude. It’s no surprise, then, that mobile office furniture would be a huge asset to these kinds of workers. Not only can you easily redesign your space depending on what your needs are, but you can have open and easy communication among employees.

Boosting Morale Boosts Productivity

A lot of people just really don’t enjoy the confined spaces of cubicles. One would think that being separated from everyone else would make it easier to concentrate, but in reality, employees feel like they can get away with slacking off because no one is watching. They’re more inclined to feel bored if they have no one to speak to as well. If you have open spaces, employees tend to keep conversation work-related and actually give each other good ideas. After all, creativity is often done at conference tables, not in cubicles.

Promoting Community

Open office spaces also instill a sense of community in their employees. No longer is it the pursuit of an individual, but you’re suddenly part of a larger group. It makes people feel like the company’s goals actually matter to them, that they’re more included in what the business is and not just an employee. A larger sense of community decreases employee turnaround and promotes productivity.

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