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4 Office Lighting Tips

Office Lighting

Office lighting can dramatically change the mood of your space.

We spend a lot of time in our offices. Having good lighting can be the difference between a productive workday and a miserable 8 hour day. If you want to make your employees more productive, and happier, you’ll need to invest in some quality lighting for your office space. It’s not just about the right lights, either, but placement and context. At Mark Downs, we want to help you create the perfect office, and that’s why we’ve outlined four of our favorite office lighting tips for you.

Working With Contrast

Walkways and circulation areas don’t need to be as bright as your actual work spaces. You’ll have a much more dynamic and stimulating office if you have spaces with different amounts of lighting. Be careful, though, as too much contrast can make your office space startling. The proper office lighting contrast will simply make your space feel varied.

Using Local Lighting

Don’t just rely on overhead lighting to light up your office. Each individual has their own needs, and different kinds of local lighting can help with that. A simple desk lamp gives workers more control over their lighting, which is an empowering feeling. It’ll let them utilize more light if they want to or not – totally optional!

Energy Efficiency

If your space already has a lot of natural light, you may want to invest in dimmers. There’s no need for your lights to be running at 100% output all the time. You can also invest in absence detection, that way your lights aren’t running for no reason. The more natural light the better though!

Alternatives To Lighting

If you want to reduce glare, you can use LED lights for your office lighting. They also offer substantial savings for your running costs. Use different kinds of alternatives to spruce the place up as well, including holiday lights, string lights, and under counter lights.

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