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Designing a Conference Room for Clients

Conference rooms foster collaboration. A conference room provides a space where creativity can emerge.

Conference rooms foster collaboration. A conference room provides a space where creativity can emerge. Dialogue should be open in a conference room. Judgement-free dialogue should always be encouraged. Innovative ideas stem from an environment with a punch of personality. Professionalism is achievable as well. Keep reading for ways that will help your clients to love your conference room.

Determine Space

Spaces that are too small prohibit people from fluidly moving around. Rooms that are too large can make people feel disconnected from each other. You should estimate the number of people that are typically present for meetings and work around that estimate. Ergonomic chairs are beneficial here. Each client will be able to adjust their seats. These chairs are also very affordable. Find a table that will scale the size of the room.

Choosing the Table

Table choice depends on how interactions play out. If speakers often stand in front, a U-shaped table can help with engagement. If you have a large number of clients then maybe classroom-style seating would work better. You can also set your room up theatre or auditorium-styled.

Pick the Right Room Location

Hold your meetings without constant distraction. Situating your room near the lobby prevents work from getting done. If you don’t have much choice, soundproof the room. Your clients should be able to speak and think in peace.

Did you also know that wall color matters? White is traditional but can also be boring. Blue is peaceful. Red is a dramatic, bold color that is intense. Research your colors and see what works best for you.

Pick the Right Lighting for Your Conference Room

As you may have heard, natural lighting is best. Just make sure that there is no glare in the room. Dim the natural light by adjusting the shades and blinds. Make sure that your bulbs are energy efficient and aren’t too bright. Lighting that radiates too much heat can make a room stuffy. Choose a wall color that matches the lighting.

Choosing a Screen

Choosing a screen matters for presentations. You want to make sure that everyone can see the screen. Screens that are too close are bad for vision. Also, think about the position of your screen. Some options include mounting your screen on a wall, ceiling, or tripod.

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