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Conference Room Design Tips

Conference Room Design Tips

Conference room design should be functional and innovative.

Designing an effective conference room is a matter of presenting a professional appearance, capturing attention, and making a lasting impression. Conference room design should be functional and innovative. Check out these design tips to revamp your conference room.

Balance the Comfort

Of course, you want your conference room to be comfortable, but you also want your meeting attendants to stay alert and engaged in the meeting. To achieve this balance, try to cater to their needs without putting people to sleep. Make sure that everyone has enough space to work effectively, to get up if they need to, and make sure that everyone has the same level of visibility.

Choose the Right Room

Designate a room in your office space for conferences based on its size and location. You want it to be located in an area that doesn’t experience a lot of distractions, like people walking back and forth to get coffee or make copies. You also want to make sure that it will be big enough, depending on the size of your company.

Incorporate Adequate Lighting

One way to make sure that your employees will either get headaches or fall asleep is with inadequate lighting. Try to establish a balance between natural light and the lighting inside the room. Try to minimize overhead lighting and opt for bulbs that don’t generate too much heat. In addition, opt for wall colors that help bounce the light around the room.

Pick the Right Screen

Technology usually plays an important role in corporate communications. In conference room meetings, when it comes to presentations of all kinds, you’ll likely need the use of a good screen. It will probably end up being the focal point in the room and needs to be adequate, yet not overwhelming for the size of the room. Consider the size and distance of the screen from the seats to ensure that everyone has adequate visibility. You’ll also have to consider the furniture and how the cables, speaker mounts, and other accessories will work with the layout in the room.

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