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4 Home Office Design Tips

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Learn how to design a comfortable and productive home office.

Designing the perfect home office takes planning but doesn’t necessarily have to be tricky. While there are several things to consider, creating a home office that helps you stay productive and effective doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, follow these tips, and you may find that your most productive hours are spent at your desk at home.

Find The Right Location

When choosing the right spot for your home office, location is everything. Not only do you want to ensure that your not in an area that is too busy, but you may also need to be in a space that still has good access to your internet and phone connections. At the end of the day, the ideal workspace will be different for everyone. For some, a command station in the kitchen might be perfect, and closer to the coffee pot. For others, a room far from daily drama might be necessary for productivity.

Allow Enough Space

Giving yourself enough space may seem straightforward, but we’ve seen many a cramped closet home office. Giving yourself enough space to move and operate comfortably is essential for both the room and your desk. Note that most work areas should have at least 60” in width and 84” in depth, but you will likely need more room than that if you hope to move around comfortably and have storage space.

Choose the Right Desk and Chair

One of the biggest mistakes that people who work from home often make is not to choose the right desk and chair. Even If you are not working from home full time you need a desk and chair, you can work from comfortably and effectively. This means always following the right height and seat depth recommendations for your body type. If possible, in your home office you may want to try an adjustable height desk, which would allow you to use your desk while both seated or standing.

Bring In Natural Light

We cannot say enough about the importance of natural light while you are working. Not only does it help you feel better and stay more productive, but it can help prevent eye strain and ensure that your mood remains upbeat. As you adjust your office furniture, be sure that the source of your natural light does not cause a glare or too much heat. You may need a light curtain or a window tint film to help you get the benefits of the light without also giving yourself a sunburn.

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