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A Guide: Creating a Pet-Friendly Home Office

Pet-friendly home office guide Mark Downs Office Furniture

Today we’re going to be offering a guide on how to create a pet-friendly  home office.

Today we’re going to be offering a guide on how to create a pet-friendly home office. Some telecommute workers are not parents to human babies, but fur babies instead, or both! Pets are family members, which means that it’s hard to neglect them during the workday. Here is how you can make your home office conducive to your pets. 

Opt for a High PC Tower

Pets, depending on the breed, shed a lot. We recommend elevating your PC tower so that it won’t become a home to your pet’s fur balls. You can also prevent your computer from being scratched or, worse, inadvertently becoming a litter box. 

Protect Your Keyboard

Cats love to stretch out on keyboards and take cat naps or use them like treadmills. You may want to consider downloading a software called PawSense. It detects nonsensical typing, disables keyboard commands, and even makes noises that deter your cat from lying down on your keyboard. 

Hide Cables and Cords

Pets are curious creatures. It’s not uncommon for them to play with or become tangled up in cords and cables. Leave them out of reach and by utilizing zip ties and cable clamps. You never want your pets to be in harm’s way. 

Designate Areas for Your Pets

Dogs and cats naturally want to be close to their pet parents. Instead of being apart from them all day as you try to be productive at work, set up a bed close to your desk. If your dog is tiny, you could even turn a desk drawer into space for them. 

Mute Your Mic During Meetings or Let Your Dog Outside

If a meeting doesn’t require you to do much talking, but you’re the owner of a noisy pet, put yourself on mute as to not cause a distraction. Mic muting is a common courtesy in general. If you will be speaking during a meeting and own a noisy dog, try leaving them in the yard for a while. 

Never Neglect to Walk Your Dog

Being a telecommuter and owning a home office has its advantages and disadvantages. When you work from the comfort of your home, it’s super relaxing. However, you can lose focus due to being so comfortable. You may be tempted to stay planted in your office chair all day to ensure productivity, but this is counterproductive. The brain needs oxygen flow, which happens when you go for a walk. Plus, your pet needs love and attention. You’ll enjoy having a refreshed and revitalized mind while your pet has the chance to run around. 

If your goal is to find the perfect office furniture for your home office, reach out to us today! 

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