Picking Patient-Centered Healthcare Furniture

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These days, we’re starting to rethink the standards of healthcare experiences.

These days, we’re starting to rethink the standards of healthcare experiences. No longer do people want to spend their time in stuffy, uncomfortable waiting rooms or seating areas. It’s also essential to think about how to minimize the spread of infections. Likewise, when picking healthcare furniture, another health concern is the mobility of the people who may end up utilizing that furniture. Thankfully, we have all of the significant considerations you should keep in mind when choosing patient-centered healthcare furniture.

Easy-to Clean Healthcare Furniture

We all want to have clean furniture at all times, but it’s imperative within healthcare settings, where diseases can easily spread even if people are taking the proper precautions. Furniture that is difficult to clean can give viruses a place to hide in plain sight, potentially infecting more people down the line. 

Healthcare furniture ought to be easy to wipe down and receive a complete cleaning by your cleaning staff. Hard furniture like wood and veneer furniture can be highly porous and cause issues, so it’s best to look for laminate materials. You also want to look for materials with antimicrobial additives. Additions like zinc, silver ion, and copper can be added to help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. 

Friendly to All Ages

Your healthcare furniture should be usable by patients of all ages. That includes elderly patients, who may have trouble getting in and out of standard chairs. This is why we often recommend bariatric, or extra wide, furniture which can help these patients feel comfortable. At least 20% of your healthcare furniture should be bariatric to welcome these patients. Armless seating options are also crucial, though for seats that do have armrests make sure they’re easy-to-grip and are padded to help people get in and out of them. You also want to have a weight capacity of at least 750 pounds for at least some seating to be all-encompassing.

Durable Healthcare Furniture

It’s seemingly not a top priority, but having a welcoming space for patients is an integral part of the healthcare setting. By choosing healthcare furniture that takes a lot of effort to scratch up, you make up for a space that will look good for longer. However, scratches can also be a health risk as they can create small Petri dishes within your healthcare space. Consider moisture-resistant tables and seating, which also tend to be more easily cleaned and durable and will last you for quite some time.

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