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Trends for Healthcare Waiting Rooms

Check out these trends that influencing waiting room designs.

Check out these trends that influencing waiting room designs.

Healthcare design is constantly evolving to meet the needs of modern patients, doctors, and families. Healthcare waiting rooms are a particularly important part of every healthcare facility.  They set the tone for the visit along with providing a welcoming space for  patients and families. Waiting rooms have changed a great deal in the past two years, and here are some of our favorite trends for healthcare waiting rooms.  

Meaningful Artwork

Waiting rooms are known for being sterile and blank places to spend time, but today’s healthcare facilities are trying to change that with murals and artwork. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are hiring designers to paint each waiting room or patient room. Murals help to ease the anxiety around going to the hospital or doctor, especially for children. If you don’t have the budget for major artwork installations in every room, don’t worry! You can simply add in new décor elements to your waiting room, like paintings or artwork. Your patients, big and small, will appreciate the calming effect that it has.

Modern Technology

Another current trend in healthcare waiting rooms is adding in modern technology. While Wi-Fi has been around for decades and most hospitals and healthcare facilities offer it, the newest innovative waiting rooms use furniture that can charge phones or laptops. These small subtle features add a huge amount of value for patients, especially in a hospital. Waiting for hours until a surgery finishes can be tense and uncomfortable, especially when your phone is dying.  So techology features boost morale and soothe anxieties while patients and families wait.

Smaller Reception Areas

One of the biggest priorities in a hospital has long-been making the flow optimal for doctors and nurses. Now, a great deal of that attention is going into waiting rooms. Instead of the sparse and tense waiting rooms of the past, healthcare facilities are designing waiting rooms to feel open and welcoming. Part of this trend is designing smaller and cozier waiting rooms so that patients feel more like they are at a quaint café than waiting to see their doctor.

Healthcare Waiting Room Furniture for Your Office

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