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How To Design The Perfect Waiting Room

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Learn how to design your office’s waiting room.

Waiting rooms can either make or break your experience in any industry; they’re one of the first things a customer or patient will experience. Creating the perfect waiting room can make a huge difference in the happiness and experience of your customers and patients. It’s likely that they will be ill-at-ease no matter how short the wait, but a well-designed waiting room can make a massive difference to how they feel. As you consider the design of your waiting room consider that you want to create an environment that is both comfortable but also a good reflection of your business. It should be kept clean and tidy, not have any overwhelming smells, and help keep your visitors calm and ready to see you. To help you get the best possible design we’ve rounded up a few tips to help you begin planning.

Pay Attention To Flow

One of the first things you want to have planned is easy routes for visitors to follow. This means proper signage and easy to follow directions. If guests show up with no idea where to go, you’re starting off by putting them on edge. Having a reception desk in view of your entry and as the focal point of your waiting room is a great way to keep your flow on track.  

Set Up Your Space

Before you begin purchasing chairs consider the maximum visitors you might have on a busy day—you will want to be sure to have enough seating to accommodate your maximums. Once you’ve ascertained how much seating you need and what your space will allow, make sure to leave room for tables and comfortable movement. When you’re deciding on chairs, style is essential but comfort more so. Uncomfortable seating will make even a short wait time seem much longer. Additionally, guests with different levels of mobility or conditions may have a hard time with seating that is stylish rather than comfortable.  

Get The Right Mood

The two most significant ways to help keep guests relaxed and happy is your color choice and technology available. Color can play a huge role in how we experience the world around us, blues and greens can help to calm us while reds and yellows can make us feel agitated and anxious. It’s important to consider this when choosing both wall colors and upholstery. Likewise, in today’s technology run world many are calmed by the presence of technology. Making sure that guests have access to outlets to keep their devices charged and accessible and access to wifi so they may continue their business can help make your waiting room perfect and keep your guests happy.

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