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Current Home Office Design Trends

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Stay up to date with the current home office design trends.

Working from home used to be uncommon, but changes in technology and flexible working trends have made the home office one of the most important rooms for homeowners. In fact, about 25 million Americans work from home at leaser one day a week, and for nearly 3 million Americans the home is their primary place of work. Here are some of the current home office trends to look out for.

Minimalism Is Key

Taking a less is more approach can help keep you organized and on top of all of your work. It can be hard enough to stay on task as your own boss without being swamped in a pile of papers. Keep only the essentials around you to keep you up and running with ease. Have only what you need, and get rid of what is an inconvenience in your life.. Streamlined furniture enables ease and movement and it is on trend when it comes to the home office.  



Multipurpose furniture allows you to get the most out of your work space. Think about how you can use spaces and what will work best for you. While many people need the structure of a traditional home office space, many are opting for more open plans.  Some people are simply building office capabilities into their living rooms or other spaces with technology and clever furniture. These trends are helping round out many home office situations.

Rethink Furniture

We are all have different needs and tastes. Many who work from home run unique businesses and have their own one-of-a-kind ways of doing things. The same old, often uncomfortable, one-size-fits-all mass produced furniture simply won’t do for these types. Many are opting for bespoke furniture in natural materials that look as good as they feel and are incredibly useful. It’s no secret that your environment can affect your work and your approach to it. Functional furniture you enjoy will inspire you and help to get you through your workday. People want to stay active and be inspired while at work.


Home Office Furniture From Mark Downs!

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