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How to Create a Distraction-Free Home Office

Distraction-Free Home Office

Getting work done in a home office isn’t always as easy as you think it may be!

Are you struggling to focus in your home office? With so many people social distancing and finding new ways to work from home, it’s not surprising that many are struggling with distractions. Getting work done in a home office isn’t always as easy as you think it may be! Learning how to separate your home life and your work life can be difficult when they suddenly occupy the same spaces. Thankfully, there are some ways to make this a more manageable endeavor. These tips can help you make the best of the situation and create a home office free of productivity-sapping distractions.

Stop Trying to Multitask at Your Home Office

With all the distractions at home, you may think you can become a multitasking champion. Get the dishes done, take the trash out, tear through some expense reports, and call it a day. The truth is that many of these distractions aren’t as important as your work and will prevent you from being productive. To have the ideal home office, consider keeping your space distraction-free. Having your laptop in the room might make it easier to video chat with a friend during your lunch break, but it also creates the temptation to use it while you should be working.

Create Boundaries 

Creating a home office with clear physical boundaries is an excellent way to stay in the right mindset. If you have the space to muster a separate room, that’s great. Even if you can’t, a corner where you keep all of your work things can help you get in the right headspace and be productive when you need to. That doesn’t mean you have to coop yourself up the entire time and be completely uncomfortable when you’re working from home, just that when you need to focus, you should set aside the time and space to do so.

Know the Problem Areas in Your Home Office

Speaking of distractions in the home office, working from home can be an experience that teaches you a lot about yourself. What are your problem areas? Where do you struggle to pay attention? Identifying time wasters and how that may impact the design of your work-from-home spaces can be the first step in enhancing your productivity.

Organizing Devices

Many of us already have issues surrounding looking at our phones or other devices too often. In an office setting, that’s usually offset by the fact that you’re surrounded by other workers and may feel more conscious of your device usage. That’s not true at home. Keep charges in another room and consider even turning your WiFi off or looking into productivity apps.

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