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5 Tips for Choosing a Desk for Your Home Office

Learn how to pick the perfect desk for your home office!

Learn how to pick the perfect desk for your home office!

Furnishing your home office is a project that mixes style and function. One of the most important pieces of furniture is the desk. Check out these tips for choosing a desk for your home office.   

Form and Function

The first tip for choosing a desk for your home office involves the form and function. How will you use the desk? Do you need space for a computer or drawing pad? Will you be hosting clients in your office that will also need space to write during your meetings? The answers to these questions will ultimately inform a lot of your decision-making when it comes to choosing your desk. Make sure that it facilitates your ability to be productive at home.

Think About Tasks

Speaking of facilitation, think about the nature of the work that you do and how you’ll need your desk to help you achieve those tasks. For example, lawyers might need more space for storing books and case-related paperwork while artists might need more storage for their sketching pads and pencils. Make sure that you’ll have space for your computer and enough left over to take notes. Use height for extra storage space with built-in drawers in the legs and shelving that moves up the walls.  

Think About Space

Think about the amount of space that your desk will occupy inside your home office. You don’t want the room to be full of the desk, so consider choosing a desk size that allows you to optimize the space inside the room. You’ll want to allow for other accessories in your home office, including chairs, shelves, and even a printer.

Think About Shape

If you need to hold meetings in your home office, then the shape of your desk should allow you to speak to people on the other side. If you have a small home office, a corner desk would make more sense to optimize the space in the room. In addition, think about accessibility to electrical outlets and be sure to take measurements in the room.

Choose Your Material

Depending on the style of your home office, the materials of your desk will go a long way toward creating a cohesive theme and look. Wood provides a traditional look and great versatility. Desks with glass tops offer a modern touch while metal appeals to those who like the industrial style.

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