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Why You Should Take Your Lunch Break Away from Your Desk

Staying at your desk all day is very unhealthy. Eating lunch in your office has adverse effects as well. Still, it’s hard to break this bad habit.

Staying at your desk all day is very unhealthy. Eating lunch in your office has adverse effects as well. Still, it’s hard to break this bad habit. Being a working adult comes with many deadlines and responsibilities. You may feel as if stepping away from your desk will decrease your productivity when it’s the other way around. Immobility causes us to become even more stagnant and makes it harder to complete work duties. Staying at your desk also creates more stress and tension. While it’s perfectly reasonable to have snacks inside your desk drawers to munch on throughout the day, your lunch break should take place outside of the office. Keep reading for more tips as to why you should take your lunch break away from your desk.

Improve Health and Wellbeing

Did you know that those who sit at a desk for more than three hours straight are likely to become depressed? Moving around helps heart circulation, and after all, your lunch break is the only time of the day where you can stop staring at the computer screen or take a break from clients. Why spend it sitting in a position that can give you muscles pain or worse long term effects? For example, weight gain is one of the primary causes of poor health. Sitting still, or being sedentary means that fat stores in your body. Too much weight gain can lead to diabetes, heart disease or many other positions.

Try taking the stairs several times throughout the day or take quick 15 minute breaks to snack in the lunchroom. You are sitting in a breakroom versus at your desk positions your body to be more relaxed. You feel more inclined to relax during lunch because you’re no longer on a mission and few things are more enjoyable than eating good food.

Improves Productivity

The reality is that there’s only so much your body can do. You may not realize, but there are idle periods where you swing around in your ergonomic chair. The periods where you mindlessly sit around and can’t come up with topics is your body telling you that you need a break. When oxygen and blood flow to the brain, it helps you become more productive. This happens when you move. It may be hard to resist skipping a lunch break and avoiding the break room, but it’s only going to make you less productive in the end.

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