Essential Office Furniture That Every Office Needs

Every office needs a meeting space

Some studies show that on average, people spend between 20-35% of their life at work. For most of us, it feels like a lot more, and when you own or manage a business, it certainly is more. When you’re designing a space that you expect to spend so much time in, you need it to be both functional and comfortable, not just for your employees but also for you. The perfect ergonomic and functional environment is going to be a little different for each office. Still, there are vital pieces of office furniture that will be universal.


Depending on the style of office you’re going with, your workstation needs may be very different. Open, community floor plans are trendy right now, which sometimes even means no individual desks. While community work is increasingly essential, it is also necessary to recognize that independent work is sometimes required. Strive for a balance of both individual desks and collaborative areas. You don’t need a specific desk from every person in the office. Still, there should be an ergonomic and comfortable space for everyone to work with a few more secluded areas when individuals need to focus. When choosing chairs for these areas, look for ones that can be adjusted to meet the ergonomic needs of multiple people. 

Meeting Space

In addition to work areas, you will also need at least one meeting space that can accommodate most, if not all, of your staff. If you need to have an all-hands meeting, but you don’t have space, it will be an uncomfortable experience for all. This space can also double as one of your community work areas, but it should be a space that you can use for private meetings with staff or clients as well. Comfortable chairs and a large table are essential for this type of space. Also, smartboards (a multi-use whiteboard that functions such as a giant tablet) make collaborative working even more manageable. 

Eating And Relaxing Space

It can be instinctive to assume to believe that if you only have work areas, only work will happen in your office. This assumption isn’t realistic and, honestly, other things need to happen each day, including eating and taking some downtime. Plan for a break area that includes furniture that is easy to clean for snacking on. Also, furniture that is comfortable to lounge on during breaks. Allowing for restful breaks in the day can improve employee satisfaction and productivity in the long term.

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