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Cubicle Decorating Tips for the Office

Are you curious about how you and your employees can enhance cubicle decorating? Then, keep reading! Mark Downs has some tips to share with you today.

A cubicle does not have to be boring. There are fantastic ways to decorate your cubicle. Working adults spend more time in the office than they do at home. Therefore, you want to make sure that you take pride in your desk. Mark Downs partners with manufacturers such as Hon, Global, Tayco, and much more to provide offices with the best, most affordable cubicles. Are you curious about how you and your employees can enhance cubicle decorating? Then, keep reading! Mark Downs has some tips to share with you today.

Professionalism Always Prevails

We know that your desk is your home away from home, but you have to keep your decorating professional nonetheless. Customizing your cubicle is necessary to stay motivated for work. Fun items are excellent when it’s break time, but you still want to show that you’re a focused, dependable employee. Make sure to keep notebooks, calendars, and relevant documents within reach.

Leave Certain Items at Home

Pictures of the kids, spouse, or even a cute cat photo isn’t harmful. It shows off your personality. However, some items are counterproductive to productivity. For example, things like electric kettles, candles, or incense can be distracting, safety hazards. If you feel as if these items are a must, talk to your supervisor about why they are. Also, remember to unplug them or blow them out.

Think About Color

Pops of color in the workplace can lift a person’s spirit. If you work in a bank or legal service, pops of color may not match the company culture. However, warm,earth-toned colors can still attract clients and boost employee morale. If your job description is more creative, then you can have fun with bold colors. To help bring awareness to the company brand, make sure to include the company logo.

Stay Private

Once again, photos of your family, friends, and pets are motivating and appropriate. However, be careful about what vacation photos you decided to showcase. Just like with social media, oversharing isn’t tactful. Also, be cautious of showcasing political affiliations. It is always best to remain neutral as not to start controversy. The bottom line is that cubicles do not have to be boring and can be well-designed. If you’re thinking about adding them to your office space, then take a visit!

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