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Preparing Your Office for the Reopening of the Economy with Safco

preparing your office for the reopening of the economy with Safco products

Keep your office safe by considering Safco’s products

Preparing your office for the reopening of the economy could be a scary or exciting thought or both. Depending on how large your office is, it may be hard to implement social distancing. But, luckily, Safco exists. We partner with many manufacturers to fulfill all of your office needs and give you variety. What’s more important than keeping yourself and your employees safe? Here are some Safco products that you might find useful for protecting your office.

Safco’s Space Dividers and Free Standing Screens

Safco’s privacy panels and Slatwall dividers make it so that office employees can work but have some separation. Privacy panels, in particular, make it possible to sit around the same table, but each person can have their own space. These panels divide up space into sections. Slatwall dividers, on the other hand, are long, horizontal dividers that go across individual desks. Not only does Safco offer desk mounted screens, but they offer free-standing screens that can double as whiteboards or dividers. 

The Many Benefits of Office Screens and Partitions

When people think of office screens and partitions, privacy is probably the first thing that comes to mind, which is a benefit. If you have a small office space but need to have a one-on-one meeting with someone, then room office screens and partitions will indeed come in handy. Open space layouts are popular now, and with space dividers, you don’t have to reconfigure a wall entirely to make it more suitable for different purposes. Also, for the employees that become distracted by a lot of noise, screens often aid in noise reduction and keep distracting coworkers out of their line of sight. 

Desk mounts also double as cough and sneeze protection screens. When an employee sneezes or coughs, germs can spread. However, desk mounts serve as a barrier that can keep employees safer. 

The Main Takeaway

Within an office setting, it is incredibly hard to stay away from coworkers, but it can happen, and we can help. Call us to inquire about the cough and sneeze protection screens that we promote. Office screens, desk mounts, and portable walls serve many purposes, but their most significant function is the ability to allow your team to collaborate, but safely. 

Furnish, Design, and Protect Your Office Space with Mark Downs

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