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The Significance of Screenflex

Screenflex Mark Downs

The portable walls that Screenflex offers helps seperate employees from one another

Screenflex is one of our many manufacturers. They provide room dividers and portable walls that can help keep employees separate. Last week, we discussed how to protect your office and office furniture once the world opens up again. We mentioned cough and sneeze protection screens, in particular, and now we’re going to go into more detail about them. Read on to learn more valuable information. 

A Summary of Screenflex 

For 31 years, Screenflex has manufactured room dividers that serve many industries. You can use these dividers to practice social distancing. Other purposes include creating portable classrooms, temporary walls, moveable art displays, and acoustical barriers. Here are a few of the many industries that these room dividers help serve:

  • Healthcare
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Government – GSA

What Are the Benefits of Using Room Dividers? 

Not only do room dividers keep people separate, but they serve another functional purpose. Within the office setting, they can help to organize a smaller space. They can also assist in breaking up a larger room. You can save yourself money on office design by not needing to reconstruct your entire office area. Screenflex’s in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, adding style and dimension to any room. Here is a look at a few other benefits in detail:

  • Quieter Rooms-Screenflex’s moveable wall partitions and temporary rooms reduce the noise level in a room by 65%
  • User-Friendliness– It takes seconds to set up and roll a portable room separator into place 
  • Quality – Screeflex’s products are USA-made and created with quality craftsmanship 
  • Sturdiness– Because not every room is level or stable, Screenflex provides self-leveling casters
  • Tackable Surfaces– Staples, artwork, push pins, notes, charts, or virtually anything you need can tack to these resilient, sturdy surfaces. 

The Main Takeaway 

The spread of COVID-19 has changed the way we live and have to think about safety. Work, traveling, and interacting with others will mean something a little different than it did before. There are various creative and efficient ways to keep yourself and your employees in the future. If you’re interested in purchasing cough and sneeze protection screens, then give us a call. Keep reading our blogs for tips on safe workplace practices and more information about our other manufacturers. 

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