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Surviving the Summer: Office Tips

A heavy workload, paired with heat, can make working in an office quite a challenge.

Summer is a warm, beautiful season made for vacationing and spending time outdoors with friends and families but bills aren’t going to pay themselves. Adults, unlike children, don’t have the luxury of enjoying the summer without working. A heavy workload, paired with heat, can make working in an office quite a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be unbearable. Keep reading for some office tips that will help you and your employees survive the summer.

Make the Office Dress Code More Casual

While an office space should always be professional, lighter fabrics during the summer will help you survive the summertime heat. If employees are wearing stifling garments, then this will decrease their productivity because they can only focus on how uncomfortable they are. Black suits and dresses often absorb heat, so dressing in cooler shades are ideal as well as offering dress-down days.

Take a Break From The Desk

Taking a break from your desk reduces stress. Obsessing over tasks will only decrease productivity and hinder creativity. Taking your lunch break outside or taking a walk to the local coffee shop ensures that oxygen flows to your brain. When you come back into the office, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to handle whatever task comes your way.

Outdoor Meetings Help Shake Things Up

Outdoor meetings give employees the chance to escape the office and take in fresh air and sunlight. It also allows them to move around and stretch. Sometimes meetings held in conference rooms can feel constrained.

Drink Lots of Water

Water keeps you hydrated and positively affects your health overall. Ever have a headache at the office? It’s most likely because you’ve been staring at the computer screen too long and haven’t had enough water. Coffee is often a go-to beverage that fuels most people’s morning routines when in all actuality water should come first.

Open the Windows and Invest in an Open Floor Plan

Opening the windows brings natural light into the office. Big, fluorescent lights burn a lot of energy, making office spaces even hotter. Windows are a cost-effective way to control energy-efficiency and cool down your office building during the summer. An open floor plan also makes employees feel less restricted. When employees are too close to each other and don’t have elbow room, this creates a hot and irritating experience. Air flows more efficiently in an office that’s not tightly constructed. 

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