How to Make an Office Look and Feel Like Home

A well-designed office improves the health and happiness of your employees.

A well-designed office improves the health and happiness of your employees. How? When anyone steps into a warm environment, it positively affects their mood. Your team should feel proud to work where they do and believe or not, efficient office space design boosts morale. Working adults spend more time at work than at home. There are ways that you can recreate a home environment at the office. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you how. 

Avoid Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting can make you and your team look exhausted along with dulling the office space. Choose sconces to layer light like you would at home. You should also take note of the color temperature of the lighting. It can enhance the ambiance or detract from it.

Various Seating Choices

There’s never anything wrong with traditional desks. However, to add to the comfort level of your employees, you should have multiple seating options. For those who become stiff and like to move around, stand-up desks are ideal. You should also have communal lounges and tables to promote collaboration or help employees unwind when it’s break time.

Add Color

Adding color to the office space makes it warmer and more fun. Adding color can also help you spread brand awareness if you choose to incorporate the colors in your logo to the office space. Color doesn’t necessarily have to mean you need to paint your walls. You can display it in graphics, artwork, and upholstery.

Focus on Places Other Than the Office

Homes have kitchens and dining rooms. To make the environment feel more like home, you should have designated areas where employees can store their food and then at another to dine. Eating lunch at a desk leaves people feeling stagnant and immobile. If you want to take it up a notch, then add a cafe area. The majority of working adults love tea or coffee. Having space where they can enjoy their coffee or tea in peace would make your team super content. 


If your work environment is too formal, then plants can bring it down to earth. Incorporating nature into any workspace has positive effects and will indeed remind people of the landscapes that they enjoy so much at home. 

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