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Office Furniture Affects Employees More Than You Think

Here’s how office furniture affects employees in ways that may have never crossed your mind.

Some factors undeniably affect employees, such as compensation, benefits, and company culture, but did you know that office furniture affects employees as well? Nothing is more significant for a business than employees that are engaged, motivated, and productive. Not only does this help with revenue, but more importantly, it factors into well-being and morale. By now, you may be wondering how office furniture ties into all of this, and we’ll explain. Here’s how office furniture affects employees in ways that may have never crossed your mind. 

Why Does Office Furniture Matter SO Much? 

For the employees that spend hours sitting at their desks, the right office desks and office chairs are pertinent. When an employee is uncomfortable or in pain, then this affects how motivated, engaged, and productive they are. Physical pain causes productivity rates to drop. That isn’t very good for business. That isn’t very good for the well-being of your employees. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair or typing on a desk that isn’t the right height may not seem all that relevant, but it is when you’re continuously doing this for 6-8 hours or more! Back and wrist problems develop, and employees start to lose focus. 

So, now you may be thinking, “Okay, I get the point. The wrong office furniture makes a difference”. Now, you understand the problem, and now we’re going to delve into some solutions and discuss what kind of office seating is ergonomic and most beneficial to keep up employee engagement, motivation, and productivity. 

How to Choose the Right Office Furniture as it Pertains to Office Seating 

Ergonomic office chairs are valuable. Back and wrist support, along with the right posture, can go a long way. It will keep employee engagement, and focus will be at an all-time high because they won’t be focusing on their pain. It’s also crucial to give employees the options to adjust office furniture so that it works for them. Everyone has different needs. Here are crucial pieces of office seating that you need that offers flexibility:

  • Office chairs with flexible armrests
  • Office chairs that swivel
  • Office chairs where you can adjust the height
  • Office chairs where you can adjust their width and depth
  • Office chairs that support the spine
  • Office seating with a backrest (12-19 inches wide is optimal)
  • Office seating that has pad support and is easy to clean

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