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Make Your Office Pop by Adding Color

Adding Color to Your Office Mark Downs Discount Furniture

You may consider adding green to your color because it adds a calming effect

The colors that you add to your office says a lot. If your office is full of white and gray walls, you may want to consider making the space a little more inspiring. Whether it’s a commercial or home office, adding color to a workspace can help enhance productivity. Color affects mood. Plus, adding little touches to a workspace can make the environment feel more personable. Here is how adding particular colors can change your entire work environment. 

Greens and Blues

Greens and blues have a calming effect. They improve focus and efficiency and enhance overall well-being. If you want your office to seem happier or want to feel one with nature, consider adding green or blue to the color scheme. Green is also an excellent color to include in a workspace if you work long hours. Even under the stress of working long hours, you’ll appreciate less strain or your eyes with this color, and you’ll feel more at peace. 


Red is a color known for its intensity. There is a reason that we see this color all over the place. It’s the color of stop signs, fire trucks and synonymous with Valentine’s Day. It alerts a person’s attention. Any commercial space that involves a lot of activity throwing in red accents can increase the heart rate and blood flow while drawing attention to essential things in the office. 


The color yellow is synonymous with optimism and also helps to foster creativity. It’s a vibrant and fresh color that tends to be ideal for writers, designers, or creative professionals. Plus, this is an excellent shade to play around with since it’s fall. 

Tips on How to Make Your Office Pop by Adding Color

When in doubt, go for subtlety. Too much of one color can overstimulate the brain, causing an overwhelming feeling. Try accent walls, area rugs, decor, or paintings. Bright accessories also work. However, an entire neon-colored room doesn’t look professional. It can also be super distracting in a home office. Use neutrals to tone down bright colors. If you’re going to add pops of color into the workspace, balance things out with a neutral. A turquoise accent wall looks nice against Chesnut-colored office furniture. 

Pops of color here and there is visually appealing. However, you don’t want to use jarring colors that don’t complement each other. Finally, we’re not saying that you have to paint the walls, but you can at least find creative ways to incorporate touches of color into your workspace

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