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File Cabinets and More Info On Them

There’s so much more that you should know about file cabinets!

There’s so much more that you should know about file cabinets! We couldn’t fit it all in one blog. The last blog covered what kinds of file cabinets exist and what the two primary considerations are for picking one. However, other factors come into play. These factors include the materials, what kind of files you need to store, and locks. The need to file will never go out of style. Keep reading to learn more!

What are the Top File Cabinet Materials?


Steel has the most durability. File cabinets made of steel resist years of wear and tear that come from warping or sagging. They are also impact-resistant and the least susceptible to scratches.


Aluminum is lighter than steel but still durable and long-lasting. It’s very cost-effective. So, if you need to store documents affordably,then this is the way to go.


Plastic is even cheaper than aluminum. This option provides a temporary way to store files and will involve replacement over time.


Some people view wood file cabinets as the most aesthetically pleasing option. Wood is more susceptible to scratches, but it does add character to an office environment. Wood is sturdy and durable and has a way of adding warmth to an office space. Any natural element that you add to an office is going to be beneficial.

Think About the Files That You Need to Store

If you work in a medical office, then confidentiality is crucial. A high-quality wood or metal file cabinet would be the best choice. Plastic models, for example, are highly affordable, but they don’t offer the locking mechanisms that other models could. You also want to ensure that documents are not susceptible to water damage or other hazards. The size of your documents is another factor to consider as well.

Locking Your File Cabinets

Cam and sliding teeth locks are the most popular on the market. A cam lock relies on a metal bar to keep doors in place. Sliding teeth locks rely on a mechanism inside of the cabinet are ideal for cabinets with glass sliding doors. When unlocked, the door is controlled using a key which separates from the main lock. If you want to up the security factor, electronic locks require that you have a passcode. You can also monitor who is using the file cabinet.

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