A Guide on File Cabinets

Here at Mark Downs, we partner with several manufacturers so that you have a unique option of file cabinets.

Here at Mark Downs, we partner with several manufacturers so that you have a unique option of file cabinets. File cabinets are necessary for most office spaces because they help to organize the documents and office materials that you need. Using a file cabinet to keep your office space neat displays your professionalism as well. Modern office layouts are trending, but needing to file never goes out of style. We’re here to share our guide with you on file cabinets. Keep reading!

What are the Different Types of File Cabinets?


This type of storage involves drawers that extend from the longest side of the cabinet. The drawers are notably full and offer a lot of depth.  Make this your selection if you have a small office space or want the convenience of sifting through files from your seat.


This configuration has drawers that extend from the shortest side. The height tends to be tall, and this choice offers a lot of depth as well. Due to the height factor, you’ll need to have enough space so that the cabinet can fully extend and have accessibility to files.


Just as the name indicates, this choice is ideal when you have large documents that need to lie down flatly. Its short, roomy drawers are suitable for canvases and blueprints. You won’t have to worry about crumbling, crushing, or rolling up your documents.


When you need to transport your documents often, this is the right choice. This setup has casters that you can roll over a carpet or hard surfaces with ease. If you need more room in your office, you can store a mobile file cabinet right under your desk.

How Do I Pick?

You have to consider two things: price and size. Luckily, Mark Downs has excellent discounts. We’ll offer you high-quality products that you can get a lot of use of without breaking your bank. The manufacturers that we work with have durable designs and can work with any budget.

Regarding size, you have to consider the measurements of your office space. You also have to evaluate how many documents you tend to store. Also, keep in mind that reports often increase over time, so you want to account for that.

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