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Control, Alt, Delete…Should File Cabinets Be Obsolete?

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File cabinets help to keep your office neat, organized, and based on this picture, stylish too

It may seem as if file cabinets are becoming obsolete due to the world going digital. Utilizing technology in our daily lives is the norm. That means fewer letters come in the mail, you can now pay bills online, and many companies are control, alt, and deleting their file cabinets out of existence. You can save and star emails, create spreadsheets in excel, and there are many other ways to organize valuable information. Even with this in mind, file cabinets are still highly relevant. Read on to learn why file cabinets should not be obsolete, even in such a digital world.

You Can Use File Cabinets to Store Other Items

Usually, when people think of the items that file cabinets store, well, files are the first thing that comes to mind. However, since it isn’t possible to digitize pens, staplers, and many other items, a file cabinet is an effective way to store many office items. If having too many things on your desk is an eyesore, then you’ll appreciate this office organization method.

Backup Plans Are a Must

Let’s paint a picture here. Imagine the athlete that becomes injured and doesn’t know what else they’re good at besides playing sports. This presents a significant problem. Now, imagine that something accidentally happens to your computer, or you forget to save a file. It’s helpful to keep things written down and keep files if possible. The point being, it’s always beneficial to have a backup plan or many backup plans. You never know when you may need your plan b. 

File Cabinets Are Secure

Technology is fantastic, but it has its flaws. Cybersecurity threats aren’t uncommon. Having valuable information locked in one of our highly secure file cabinets helps give you peace of mind. Let’s paint another picture here. Let’s say you were taking a long road trip, and all of a sudden, your GPS malfunctions. You panic, but then you discover that there is a map in your vehicle. Granted that you know how to read a map, you end up feeling safe. You have peace of mind because you know you can get to your destination. File cabinets, in this scenario, are the maps. This idea ties into having a backup plan. 

The digital world is super convenient, but it doesn’t mean that you have to do away with old school concepts completely. Here we can offer you file cabinets and other office items that enhance office organization

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