Conference Rooms Speak Volumes

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Conference rooms don’t have to feel cold or distant, they can be highly personable

Conference rooms are a significant part of any office and speak volumes. A conference room is a space where you and your team can collaborate. Also, besides your reception area, conference rooms leave an impression on new clients. You can only hope that their first impression is good. Conference rooms often hold interviews, as well. So not only do you have the challenge of impressing clients, but hopefully potential candidates will feel comfortable within your office space too. Read on for some helpful tips about conference room design

Decor Helps to Show Off Your Company’s Culture 

When someone steps into your office space, they shouldn’t feel overwhelmed because there are so many bright colors or an overwhelming amount of decor. However, you don’t want your conference room to seem bland or void of life or creativity, either. A dull conference room with no personality says nothing about your company’s culture. What you could do is incorporate your company’s logo or brand colors into the room (subtlely, of course). A mural that speaks to your company’s culture will help your conference room to stand out without a doubt. 

Choose Comfy and Attractive Chairs

You’re winning in regards to conference room design when your chairs are both functional and attractive. If your company’s culture is traditional, you may pick chairs that have a formal feel. If the culture is modern, you may choose chairs that have a futuristic feel. Either way, the chairs should feel good against your back and anyone that has to sit in them. Another tip is to never settle on the first office chairs that you see. Shop around to make sure that you’re genuinely in love with your first choice.

Think Long and Hard About Your Conference Room Table

Your conference room table is the focal point. When people think of a conference room table, they think of a long, rectangular table with many seats to fill. However, conference room tables can be more personable. They can be unique, come in many different styles and sizes, and don’t have to be so formal. If your company’s culture is indeed formal, then a traditional table may work. However, if your company’s culture is more laid back, then you may opt for a smaller conference table, or one that’s round and looks less sharp in design. 

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