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Conference Room Table Considerations: 3 Things to Think About

Conference Room Table Considerations Mark Downs Office Furniture

Conference room tables aren’t obsolete, even in 2021.

The concept of a conference room table may seem like a thing of the past due to more people transitioning into remote work than ever before. However, some offices have opened back up and still believe in collaborative work and bringing the team together. If you’re searching for a valuable conference room table, Mark Downs Office Furniture has a lot to offer in our showroom. Before you visit us, here are three conference room table considerations that can guide your buying decision. 

The Number of Conference Room Table Seats

In times like these, you don’t want to sit your employees too close together. Social distancing rules should always come first. The number of employees you have compared to how much personal space they’ll need matters. Before social distancing became a factor, 36 inches was an excellent distance between coworkers who needed laptops, notebooks, or other items during meetings. However, you’ll want to give your employees much more space than that now. 

The Table’s Shape

One thing about masks is that they don’t cover the eyes. An ideal conference room table shape will allow everyone to have eye contact. A round conference room table is the best option for this goal. However, they tend not to be ideal for offices that have quite a few workers there. Large rectangular-shaped or boat-shaped conference tables can typically suit the maximum capacity of people in your office. 

The Room’s Size

We saved the best for last. This factor is the most significant. The ideal conference room table will have more than enough room between walls and other barriers. The goal is for your employees to move around without bumping into people. You also don’t want them trying to squeeze between spaces. An ergonomically designed office is always the goal

The distance you’ll need between your table’s edge and the room’s wall depends on the room’s size and dimensions. For a rectangular conference table, the clearance should be about 20% of the table’s length and width. For example, if your conference room is 20 feet long, the space on each side should be around four feet, and that your table should be no longer than 12 feet. It would be best to also account for credenzas and other furniture when choosing a table size. 

Furnish, Design, and Protect Your Office Space with Mark Downs

Mark Downs is happy to help you get the most productive, creative, and positive office environment possible through our office furniture and design expertise. We have the knowledge and equipment to ensure your office is attractive, productive, and an excellent hub of activity in your commercial facility. Stop by our Cockeysville showroom to see what we can offer or give us a call at 410-771-6800. To see examples of our work and what we are up to, follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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