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The Conference Room Table

Conference-RoomWhen you head into most office spaces, you are likely to find a conference room. A conference room is the space dedicated to holding meetings with staff as well as meetings with potential new hires and clients. Without the conference room, meetings would be held in cramped cubicles or spaces, which can make for an unsuccessful meeting and an unprofessional work space. Within the conference room, you will also find a conference room table. However, if you neglect the conference room table for your space, you could be left feeling more frustrated than productive. It is important for office management to carefully consider a number of things when choosing their conference room table.


Management must first determine how much space they have to work with when choosing their conference room table. Not knowing your spacing could leave you with a conference room table that is too big or too small for the space, which can lead to awkward meetings and an unprofessional atmosphere. Be sure to measure your space before you look at tables while keeping in mind the number of chairs you will need for your staff as well as room being used by other pieces of furniture. You want to have enough room so that all of your staff members can sit around the table comfortably.

Management should also think about how uniform they wish to keep their conference room. If the conference table is the first piece of furniture to be bought, make sure you are able to purchase other furniture to match. If the table is last on the list, it should be able to match or work with the style already in place.

Atmosphere is also a major factor when choosing your conference room table. If you wish to keep the atmosphere causal and collaborative, choose a circular table to keep everyone on the same level. If you are aiming for a more professional atmosphere, choose a rectangular table that allows a person of power to sit at the head.

The Conference Room Table and Mark Downs

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