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Is a Home Office Right for Me?

Home Office Productivity

In today’s world of technology, a home office has become an option for more and more employees. Virtual offices and cloud functions have made it easier than ever for businesses to allow their employees to set up their own home office and work from home. However, for some employees, a home office can actually harm their productivity rather than help it. This is because a lack of supervision and an increase in distractions can create a poor work environment. So how can you determine if a home office is right for you?


  1. Consider how much time you take commuting back and forth from the office. For some, this commute may only take 30 minutes round trip. But for others, commuting could mean spending at least 2 hours in the car each day, which can add up when it comes to completing assignments for work. If commuting is cutting into your time spent working, a home office may be the right choice for you.
  2. If you have a family to attend to, then the flexibility of working from home is ideal for you. This means that you can work a few hours in the morning before you take the kids to school, and then a few more hours before you have to help your elderly mother get to her doctor’s appointment. You also have the option of working during the evening hours without the evening commute or the need to leave your family.
  3. A home office can also help to eliminate the extra costs of maintaining or renting an office space. Eliminating those overhead fees can help make other business decisions easier to make because your budget allows for the wiggle room. However, if you are hoping to bring people with you to your home office, you must determine if you have enough room to work with.


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