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Choosing your Conference Room Table

Conference Room Table

A conference room is an ideal area to have in your business space. A conference room adds a heightened sense of professionalism when meeting with new clients. A conference room also provides your staff with a designated space to meet and collaborate new ideas and work on new projects. Does your business work with video and phone conferencing? A conference room provides space to do so comfortably instead of attempting to crowd in an office. The main focus of any conference room is, of course, the conference table. It is difficult to have a conference room without a table to meet at.


When you begin your search for a conference room table, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Atmosphere- Decide before you purchase your table what type of atmosphere you would like to have in your conference room. If you want a comfortable and equal atmosphere, choose a more circular table. If you want a more professional and authoritative atmosphere, choose a rectangular table. A rectangular table allows one or two people to be at the head of the table while a circular table keeps everyone close.
  2. Staff- Consider the size of your staff when choosing your table. A small conference room table will be uncomfortable during meetings with 20-30 people. A large table is unnecessary if meetings consist of only a handful of staff members.
  3. Proportions- Choose a table that will allow individuals to sit in their seats comfortably. You want to make sure individuals can fit under the table without issue while also sitting up at a comfortable height.
  4. Uniform- Your new conference room table should match the rest of your conference room interior. Having furniture mismatch in your conference room will make your business look sloppy and thrown together.
  5. Spacing- Consider the size of your conference room. Think about the number of chairs you will need to fit in the room along with other furniture you may want to include in your room. You want to avoid your room from getting to cluttered or tight.


Looking for a new conference room table? Visit Mark Downs Office Furniture! We offer an array of conference room tables to choose from. Browse our online selections or visit our showroom! We are conveniently located in Cockeysville, Maryland. Have a question about a table you see online? Give us a call at 410.771.6800.


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