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Furnishing a Reception Area

Reception Area Furniture

When furnishing an office building, there is usually a main focus on individual rooms and office space with little regard for the reception area in the front. It is important to remember that like most things in life, first impressions tend to last the longest. When potential clients or customers enter your building, they will be greeted with the reception area. This space is where your clients will begin to form opinions about your business and this will give them their first impression. If that first impression is a negative one, chances are you won’t be able to change it. You want clients and customers to feel welcomed and comfortable while being present in a professional atmosphere. There are three main areas to consider when furnishing your reception area:

  1. Decor- The décor in a room may seem like a minor detail, but can go a long way in impressing your clients. A few pieces of art strategically placed throughout your reception area can be thought provoking and welcoming to new clients and customers. If you notice a new client taking time to view a piece of work hanging in the reception area, you now have an icebreaker to begin a conversation with your new client.
  2. Desk- The reception desk is the main focus in most reception areas. Choose a desk that is sturdy and fits comfortably within your space. Choose a style and color that can pull a room together and can be easily matched with décor and seating. A desk with plenty of room and shelves can help your reception area look organized and professional.
  3. Seating- Choose seating that is comfortable and classy for your reception area. Pick a style of seating, whether it is chairs or couches, and stick to it. If you want a mix of both, be sure to have the colors and styles matching. Having seating that doesn’t match can make your reception area look sloppy and thrown together.

At Mark Downs Office Furniture, we specialize in furniture for every reception area. Choose from our wide selection of desks, seating, and artwork to furnish your new reception area.

To begin with Mark Downs Office Furniture, browse our online selection here. Have a question about a piece you found online? Give us a call today at 410.771.6800. You can also drop by our showroom to look around and speak to a trained sales representative. Our showroom is conveniently located in Cockeysville at 10912 York Road, Suite 300C.

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