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Reception Desk Features That Receptionists Will Appreciate

Reception Desk Features Mark Downs Office Furniture

This reception desk is multi-functional

When people think about a reception desk, they primarily focus on its aesthetic appeal. Commercial office owners want their reception area to look warm, inviting, and neat to draw in visitors or leave a positive first impression. Commercial office owners should think this way. The reception area is the very first thing that visitors are going to see. However, it would be best if you thought about the comfort of your receptionists as well. A reception area is its best when comfort and functionality meet style. Here are a few reception desk features that receptionists will appreciate. 

Plenty of Storage Space

Practicality should be a priority when you design your reception area. If you hold your receptionist responsible for keeping track of many items and documents, they should have more than enough storage so that they can keep invoices, keys, posts, and notices organized and out of view of customers or clients. 

A Split-Level Reception Desk

It helps when a reception desk has multiple levels. Ergonomic, multi-level reception desks allow receptionists to sit and stand with ease. When receptionists answer phones, they should be able to sit comfortably. When they have to stand to sign for packages, they should be able to stand comfortably. When standing or sitting, they should always be eye-level with the visitors and see the entire reception area. 

Make Your Reception Desk The Focal Point

Some commercial offices have night shifts. With this in mind, not placing your reception desk in the center of the room is a safety hazard. If your reception desk sits in a corner and out of view, people could walk right past it, creating a safety issue. 

Separate the Reception and Visitor Area

We’re supposed to be socially distancing anyway, but not having a clear divide between the reception and visitor area can be distracting. This fact is valid primarily if you own a hotel or medical facility. These places can be loud with much going on. 

Workplace Protection Products

If you’re starting a small business, you must ensure that your employees and customers will be as safe as possible. You can reassure that with workplace protection products such as desk and panel protection and distance discs to encourage customers not to get too close to the reception desk. 

If you need help designing your reception area, visit us or give us a call! 

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