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A Look at 6 Different Types of Filing Cabinets

6 Different Types of Filing Cabinets Mark Downs Office Furniture

Filing cabinets are still relevant in a world that’s gone digital.

Filing cabinets are still relevant in a world that’s gone digital. If you own a medical facility or any facility responsible for confidential documents, then you know the importance of being able to pull out a file in a flash. If you’re looking for a fantastic filing cabinet that can store the data you need, Mark Downs has you covered. We have so many choices that you can choose from, whether you own a small business, a large commercial office, or you’re looking for a way to store documents at home. Here are six different types of filing cabinets. 

Lateral Files: Best for High-Volume Facilities

Lateral files can hold a substantial amount of paperwork. Units such as these include two or more drawers. They also usually have a mechanism that prevents the filing cabinet from tipping over while one of the drawers is at full extension. Lateral files are generally wider than deep, meaning that you have to store documents from side-to-side. 

Vertical Files: Best for Small Offices and Home Offices

This option is best for a home office or a commercial office that doesn’t have a lot of space. These units are similar to lateral files regarding space, but the drawers are much narrower and deeper. You most likely will file documents in a front-to-back manner. 

Mobile Files: Best for Transporting Files

Mobile files can be both lateral or vertical and come with two drawers or more. They are super convenient because can you imagine trying to lift, let alone move a filing cabinet from department to department in an office building? Mobile files are space savers with a design that fits under the standard desk

Open Shelf Files: Another Name for Bookcases

This option is pretty much a bookcase, being that it’s wide and shallow and has open fronts that work well if you want end-tab folders from side-to-side. You can use open-shelf files in narrow aisles or any area that doesn’t have a lot of space. 

Flat Files: Best for Blueprints

Some documents can’t fit neatly into a folder. Expansive files exist, such as a blueprint. If you have large files that take up a lot of space, this is the ideal option. 

FireProof Files: The Best Option to Protect Your Documents

Fireproof files prevent damage caused by an open flame, and they’re also water and theft-resistant. This choice aids in the ultimate protection of your files. This option can be both lateral or vertical, meaning that it works well for small and large offices. 

Are you ready to find the best filing cabinet for your needs? Come by and see us here at Mark Downs Office Furniture! 

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