3 Types Of Files That Need Filing Cabinets



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Are you in need of new filing cabinets for the office? If yes, there are some things you need to know before purchasing your filing cabinets. Mark Downs Office Furniture is here to help you make the right choices for your office by telling you about the types of filing a typical office needs filing cabinets to store.

The three types of filing cabinets you will need for the office are archive files, current files, and active files.

The Archive Files are files that need to be stored away from the high traffic areas of the office because they are needed less frequently.

The Current Files are ones that are the most frequently used and come in a smaller scale. These files should be highly accessible and close to work areas.

The Active Files are personal files and company files. There are two sub categories with active files called the personal files and the company files. The personal files are ones that help employees follow through work processes and affect the daily performance of office tasks. File cabinets for these tasks should be within the work area for easy retrieval. The Company files support your departments and file cabinets of this type should be placed in the common areas of your departments. These files are shared throughout the department, so make sure they are placed in easily accessible areas.

Files are great to use for the office because they help make retrieval, staging, storing, work materials, supplies, and equipment more efficient. Reliable file cabinets will help your work environment inevitably improve in productivity.

The best file organization method is to have a log indicating when files are out and when they come back in. This will save both time and stress at the office.

Here are just a few tips on file cabinets to keep your workspace as safe as possible:

–      Never place file cabinets near main walkways. Open drawers will slow down office traffic.

–      Place the heaviest objects at the bottom of file cabinet drawers.

–      Never store heavy objects at the top of any file cabinets.

–      Always have a professional installer assemble your file cabinets.

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We will provide your office file security and accessibility without sacrificing the aesthetic features of your office.

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