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All these files and nowhere to put them? Learn more about our filing cabinet options.

Filing a blog post about filing systems within a filing system for blog posts? Whatever we did, you found it! There’s your first lesson on filing systems. Onto lesson two, choosing your filing systems for your office. We offer a wide variety of filing office furniture solutions, and you’re guaranteed to find what’s right for you. Here are some of the varieties we offer and the benefits that they offer in turn.

Lateral Filing Systems

Lateral filing cabinets are intended for high volume and high capacity. With two or more wide drawers, they operate horizontally, making them good fits for letter- and legal-sized documents. However, these take up a fair amount of floor space, so make sure you have room in your office layout to accommodate them.

Vertical Filing Systems

In offices with little space to spare, such as a home office, vertical filing cabinets are great for saving floor space and maximizing storage. With deeper drawers than lateral filing, make sure you have room to fully open your vertical filing cabinets to take full advantage of the depth of this piece of office furniture.

High Density Filing Systems

For instances where there’s a lot to keep in order, high density filing systems will keep everything organized in a relatively compact space. Rather than taking up rows and rows with open filing furniture or bookcases, optimize your space with a mobile filing system where you can slide rows of shelves to access the area you need.

Fireproof Filing Systems

Higher profile files require higher profile filing. Our fireproof filing options will keep your documents safe in the event of a fire. These pretty much speak for themselves — it’s up to you whether you want to take that extra step in security.

Ultimately, once considering all the options, the decision should be pretty clear. It comes down to your particular office’s needs and space availability. If you have any questions or need help choosing what’s best for you, Mark Downs’ office furniture experts are always happy to help.

Choosing the Right Filing System From Mark Downs Office Furniture

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