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Why Your Office Design Plan Needs to Include Artwork from Mark Downs Furniture


Your Art Here! Adding artwork to your office design has tons of potential benefits.

The corporate world gets a bad rap for being drab, boring, and lifeless. While that might be true of some places, your office doesn’t have to fall into that category. Sprucing up an office design with some artwork from Mark Downs Furniture is super easy and can do a ton to improve the way your workplace looks and feels. Below are some of the top benefits of including artwork in your office design.

Make a Good First Impression

From the moment someone walks in your door, whether it’s an employee or a potential customer, they should be greeted with a warm and welcoming environment that says that your office is a place where they want to work or conduct their business. Artwork shows a certain level of class and attention to aesthetics, which in turn portrays a positive aura in the office.

Inspire Creativity and Productivity

An article from Visual Strategy Magazine in 2014 showed that displaying creativity on the walls can in turn inspire creativity from your employees. Additionally, showing workers that you care enough to decorate the office in which they spend eight hours a day will motivate them to work harder.

Send a Message

Aside from telling your employees and customers that you care about the way you present yourself and your company, the right artwork can turn your office design into a message about your brand. Choose artwork that tells a story about your company or communicates core values. What you hang on the walls says a lot more than you might think.

The Kicker: Sam Pathi

There’s a reason we specify that you need to spruce up your office design with Mark Downs Furniture. Much of our artwork is supplied by a genuinely one-of-a-kind man in the manifestation of Sam Pathi. Sam Pathi has been taking photos for nearly a half-century, and his eye for beauty is as astounding as his history. Each image is taken, printed, and framed with love by Sam himself, and hung in his gallery located, believe it or not, in Mark Downs Furniture. His colors and composition are guaranteed to instantly boost your office design.

Ramp up your office design with Mark Downs furniture.

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