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Useful Tips for Designing an Office Space

While it may seem trivial, how an office is designed matters. There are many useful suggestions for how to best utilize your office space.

Believe or not, the way that a room is set up has a physiological impact. Imagine how many hours a person sits at their desk each day. Closed spaces could be tied to claustrophobia while open spaces may prove to make an environment feel more welcoming. Even the way that an environment is lit may make a difference. Bright lighting can be more motivating versus dark, drab lighting. Continue reading for a few tips on how office spaces should be designed.

Open Up

An open floor layout can make a smaller space look bigger. Traditionally, many offices have cubicles that can feel confined and restrained. An open floor plan promotes coworker inclusion and is ultimately more freeing. Gone are the days where workers have to feel closed-in and are fighting for space. Collaboration and community are key factors in a positive office setting.

Light it Up

Allowing the sun to come in creates a better vibe versus hot, beaming electrical lights.Another benefit of natural lighting is that the energy bill will not go through the roof. The money that will be saved could be utilized for decorating the office or possibly more company trips.

Adding Glass

Adding glass will give the office a modern look, allowing natural light to easily come in. Glass gives the office a more modern feel that can be compared to New York or any other urban area that has skyscrapers.

Switching Up the Desk Options

Most healthcare professionals advise that 30 minutes of movement each day is one of the keys to a healthy life. Working a 9-5 styled job forces an individual to sit down for the entire day which can cause poor circulation, stiffness, and stagnation. Offering the option of stand-up desks gives variety to employees and encourages movement.

Identification: Stamping the Brand

Looking at plain might walls may prove to be boring and doesn’t offer dynamic aesthetics. Also, if your company is amazing, you should let it be known! Plaques, emblems, and pictures that showcase company pride can warm up an office.

High-Quality Furniture

Finally, the furniture that is bought for a company says a lot about the company. A company that values itself should also choose valuable furniture. Once again, the aesthetics of an office has psychological significance. Staring at weathered-down wood constantly can cause discontent and may result in an architectural makeover.  

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