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Artwork Benefits in the Office

Office Artwork Benefits

When owners and leaders in the workplace are looking for ways to increase productivity amongst their employees, most don’t realize the answer could be as simple as adding art throughout the office. Artwork throughout the offices and hallways of your business building can help boost office morale as well as increase productivity in your employees. The Business Committee for the Arts along with the International Association for Professional Art Advisors completed a study in 2003 focusing on the effects of artwork in the workplace. They surveyed about 800 individuals from 32 different companies that had art present in their offices. The results found that:

  1. 84% said the artwork helped to increase their productivity and creativity while working
  2. 78% said that artwork helped to reduce stress
  3. 73% wished they had more artwork present in their office because they felt it made them feel inspired and motivated
  4. 67% felt that artwork helped to boost the overall morale amongst employees

Other studies have found that artwork helps to encourage discussions among employees along with encouraging the expression of opinions. Allowing employees to bring in their own choice of artwork for their desk or office will allow each employee to display their own individuality while still helping them feel like a part of the team.

Mark Downs Office Furniture has a selection of wall art by photographer Sam Pathi to use in your office buildings. Sam is involved with each process when it comes to his artwork and has been involved with photography for over 40 years. Sam is able to capture images of Baltimore and Maryland that allows hard working individuals to experience Baltimore from their office. To learn more about Sam Pathi and his work, click here.

Interested in professional artwork for your office? Visit Mark Downs Office Furniture today at 10912 York RD Suite 300C in Cockeysville to view our galley of Sam Pathi’s work. You can also give us a call at 410.771.6800 if you have any questions. You can also visit our full website to see our online selection of artwork as well as office furniture.

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